Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We manage, create, publish, analyze, and engage with content across social media platforms to build your brand's online presence and reach its target audience.
  • Development and implementation of social media strategies, creating and curating content, scheduling and publishing posts

  • Creation and management of Social Ads, responding to comments and messages, monitoring social media activity, and analysing performance metrics to measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

Strategy Development & implementation
We look at your business objectives and then develop a strategy to define platforms, target audiences, content, tone of voice, posting frequency, and advertising strategy. We then use a variety of tried and tested tactics to achieve the strategy objectives to grow your business.
Content Creation & Curation
Content creation involves creating original content that is relevant, informative, and engaging for your target audience. Curation involves finding and sharing relevant and high-quality content from other sources, such as industry influencers, news outlets, and thought leaders.
Account Management
We use a variety of tools to help us manage and schedule content and we focus on building engagement, reach and followers. We can also engage with your audience and answer customer queriers.
We use tools to track and analyse Social Media performance inc Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite Analytics.
Social Media Advertising
We are experienced in the setup, creation and management of Social Media Ads through Facebook Ad Manager, Twitter Ads, TikTok Ad Manager, LinkedIn Ads and Google ads.
Influencer Strategy
We can help businesses identify and connect with the right influencers to amplify campaigns.
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Our Customers Say

This Digital have expertly managed our Social Media accounts for over 10 years, growing our follower base significantly and increasing our engagement and reach across the platforms.
Edward Naden
Edward Naden
Managing Director - Holmes Naden Estate Agents
From introducing the ZigZag brand into the UK, we have generated sales in excess of 1 billion paper booklets and a 20% market share of the biggest market in the World. An integral part of this success can be directly appointed to the dynamic marketing strategies initiated through This Digital.
Andrew Armstrong
Andrew Armstrong
Managing Director - ZigZag (GB) Ltd

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